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Brackla Junior and Infant School Amalgamation

Bridgend, South Wales

In keeping with our history of taking on challenging projects, Bridgend County Borough Council provided us with a novel one: a new extension for the amalgamation of Tremains junior and infants school and nursery accommodation.

The challenge arose from the need to work carefully around the existing school buildings but, more importantly, the children attending the school. Due to the extent of the works required as well as the length of the contract (30 weeks), working during school term was unavoidable. Despite the intricacies of the task -having to work around a busy school while lessons were ongoing- by working closely with the school and council, we brought the project in on time with minimal disruption to the school year.

Amongst other aspects, the works included of the construction of a new face brickwork three-classroom extension, as well as alterations to the existing school with aluminium anodised double-glazed windows. Externally, the play area was surrounded by galvanised steel bow top fencing gates. The playground has two coats of tarmac, as well as a separate designated soft play area. The project also consisted of extensive storm and foul drainage works.

Co-operation with the school was essential to the success of this project. With building work taking place on the site of a school, the safety of children was paramount. Regular visits to the school were of the utmost importance to us, and we kept the school continually updated on the project's progress, as well as giving advice to the school and pupils on the dangers in and around building sites.

To minimise disruption to the school -and to keep the children away from any possibly precarious situations, deliveries- deliveries were arranged to avoid school opening and closing times, as well as play times. This, in effect, reduced the traffic and congestion around the school during the school run, as well as minimising contact with pedestrians around the site.