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Clos Sant Paul

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We found RT Contractors to be extremely respectful and aware that they would be working in a project for vulnerable young people.
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Llanelli, West Wales

2010 saw us awarded the contract to upgrade communal areas to fit the criteria as stipulated by the Carmarthenshire Homes Standard and Fire Assessment 2007. This project -initiated by Carmarthenshire County Council- was to take place in one of the most challenging and deprived blocks of flats in Llanelli. It saw us installing new half hour fire check doors and frames in every flat, as well as replacing all corridor doors with electronically controlled ones that react to fire and smoke. We also re-floored and re-wired the corridors, removing them of graffiti, opened up an enclosed stairwell. We also upgraded every flat to the Carmarthenshire Homes Standard, which meant the installation of new central heating, bathrooms and kitchens, as well as re-wiring.

Working in Clos Sant Paul was a challenge for us on a human level, as well as a professional one. Working on this estate was challenging, and being in such close proximity to vulnerable young people meant having to be educated about the possible dangers of being there. As such, we arranged for all our staff and sub-contractors who would be working there to attend a specialist training course run by St John Ambulance, in order that we could identify any dangers and how best to deal with them.

We worked closely with the Wallich, a Welsh homeless charity that provides temporary accommodation and support to vulnerable young people, that occupies a section of the flats at Clos Sant Paul. By working closely with the staff at the Wallich, we were able to organise our workforce and tasks in a way that minimised any potential disruption to the lives of these young people, whilst also improving the standard of their accommodation.

Although Clos Sant Paul does not have a very good reputation, as a company we did not have any more issues than were expected. We believe that this was down to our approach to the job, and our communication with the tenants and the staff at the Wallich. Again, we put emphasis on the transparency of our projects with local people, resulting in a more harmonious working environment.